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Meditation for Peace and Healing
Every Monday at 9.00pm
Please connect with us  in consciousness in order to assist in co creating a reality based on Peace, Love and Harmony
Each month there will be a theme for our chosen meditation or healing. The meditation will take place at the same time every week for 5 minutes. The power of prayer and intention have been proven in numerous experiments and this is magnified when groups of people meditate, pray or send healing together.
The only way that our world is going to change is if we change it. We are all connected by our consciousness and so by sending our healing intentions out around the world we are creating grids of positive and healing consciousness and this WILL affect the consciousness of others. Let us stop seeing ourselves as seperate and powerless to change our world on our own and instead see ourselves as individual aspects of a connected consciousness that can change and influence the development of our future.
Next Meditation Every Monday at 9.00pm
Previous meditations have been focused on
November/December Swine flu
January/February Haiti Earthquake.
March/April Indigenous peoples of the earth

From Monday the 26th April the focus will be sending Peace to cycles of slavery, abuse and control
During the process of taking part in these meditations. More and more information and insights are coming to me regarding the effect and development of how this healing meditation can be used. I have become aware of how it can heal right to the core of an issue and so rather than sending the peace to an issue and hoping it has an effect on the underlying consciousness behind the issue I was presented with a few issues that all had an underlying core - that of cycles of slavery, control and abuse both from the past that are still affecting people today and from our present day society.
We have all lived many lives and will all have been both perpetrators and victims of all of the above. These patterns become embedded as a consciousness both within our own psychies and as a collective consciousness. These patterns or cycles keep repeating themselves and we continue to act out these patterns to a greater or lesser degree in each lifetime. The earth is also going through this process as we are all connected to each other and to the earth.
Through our life experiences we are often able to break out of these patterns so that we no longer need to experience it. Sometimes, though, if a particular pattern or cycle is deeply embedded or if there is a particularly strong collective consciousness then it can be extremely difficult to break out of this as the collective consciousness has an effect on each individual and as this brings up these cycles individually then this again adds to the collective consciousness (could this be where the term vicious circle comes from!!).
If we are able to heal this cycle on an individual level then this helps to heal the collective consiousness but this will take a long time. If we can help to heal the collective consciousness, however, this could have a quicker effect. So in effect we will be healing from a planetary rather than a personal level and therefore effecting each person connected to that cycle at some level.
But if, and this is really exiting, we send the peace to both our individual and the planetary cycles then what will the effect be then?!!!
I feel it will be magnified even more and could possibly result in an instantaneous healing of that particular cycle. But lets not get carried away as it is important to send the energy unconditionally as there may be other factors playing out that we are not aware of. But just keep imagining what the earth would be like without any control, abuse or slavery. I believe that this isn't just something that we dream about for future generations but that it is something that we can bring into our realities now. So please join with me for this Meditation for Peace and see what happens. And remember ......... no expectations and trust that what ever happens will happen for the highest good.

It is also important to recognise, though, that we cannot take credit for anything and that there are alot of other factors to take into consideration such as other groups who are sending out peace, the rising vibration of the planet which may be too high for the virus, karma and working together for the highest good. Please remember that we should always work for the highest good of everyone and not what we 'think' should be the desired outcome. We never have the whole picture in front of us so please never try to enforce your will on another being.


Copyright Pam Rogerson Nov 2009

Please email me if you intend to participate so that I can connect with everyone in consciousness. Details on contact us page.

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