Soul Sense - Spiritual Life Coach, Workshop Facillitator and Author
Kevin and Christine Core
Founders of Angelic Reiki and the most Angelic and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They now live in Egypt and hold workshops all over the world.
Iona Light
Shabdan and Shastra introduced me to these wonderful beings of light by connecting me with my guardian angel. They hold workshops and healing sessions all over the uk and Europe.
Jayn Lee has taught Angelic Reiki to lots of people in the uk and I recently had the pleasure of meeting her on the 7 day Angelic Reiki Master Workshop in London with Kevin and Christine.
Free teleseminars aimed at empowering women to creatively co create our future. P.S. Not just for women:)
A website dedicated to sending peace to the middle east every Wednesday at 7pm. Please sign up.
Edwin is a clairvoyant and one of the clearest channels of angels and ascended masters that I have witnessed. He holds workshops and retreats and has an online shop.

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