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'In the universe there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.'
Carlos Castaneda
The Law of Attraction
I wasn't sure what I was meant to put on this page initially, but following the release of the DVD 'The Secret' there has been a global interest in The Law of Attraction and how we manifest our own realities. And now with the release of 'The Moses Code' I felt that I wanted to write a little bit about this subject from my personal viewpoint and the insights that I have gained both through experience and through extensive reading.
The first time I came across this concept was when I was drawn to read a book entitled 'Ask and it is Given' by Esther and Gerry Hicks, and 'The Law of Attraction' by Esther and Gerry Hicks. As a practitioner of Reiki I was aware that we are all energetic beings and that we resonate on a certain vibration and that positive activities and thoughts can raise our vibration and vice versa. But the idea that whatever vibration that we resonate at attracts more of the same was a very new concept to me. And also the fact that,  what we give our attention to will be the thing that next manifests in our life. For most people this means more of the same because we tend to think of our lives as they are now and not how we would like them to be, and most of us live our lives unconsciously. But how empowering to think that we are basically in control of our own destiny just by thinking it so but at the same time what a huge responsibility.
I realised, at around this time, that this was where the cosmic ordering phenomenon had come from. It was the same thing just presented in a different way.
What I liked about Esther and Gerry's books though was that they put emphasis on how different emotions resonate at different vibrations and it is unrealistic to be able to jump from the lower end of the scale straight to the top in one go. They say how important it is to move up the scale gradually. Otherwise you might very well get something that you have asked for but it may be presented to you in such a way that you are not able to cope with or it may happen in quite a harsh way because the vibration of what you are asking for and your vibration do not match. The Universe will always give you what you ask for but we can only attract to us, that which resonates with our current level of vibration. Therefore, it is very important to think carefully about what we are asking for by observing our feelings about them as these are the key to intuiting what is in our best interests in this present moment.
I was then presented with 'The Secret'. This, I felt, presented the same stuff that Esther and Gerry talk about but presented in a lighter, more digestible form and would probably reach a wider audience.
Other books I have read on the subject include 'Living Magically' and 'Wild Love' by Gill Edwards, which give yet another perspective. What amazed me was that this wasn't a new subject. That some people have been writing about this stuff since the 80's and 90's. Why hadn't I seen these books before? Then I realised that my vibration hadn't been resonating at that frequency until now!
Some people are worried that all of these writings are maybe taking people away from the spirituality of, what are, Universal Laws. Hence the release of 'The Moses Code'. Which says that we have to give our desires and wants in service to others. I personally don't think that there is anything to worry about in this respect. I think that ultimately it would be an ideal for people to manifest their desires in service rather than feeding their own material needs. I don't think that you can tell someone that this is what they should do though. Each individual has to feel and know this for themselves, and the only way that they can do this is to work their way up the emotional and vibrational scale. Part of this process will be feeding their own physical and material needs. It is much more important to be true to yourself (even if this means satisfying your material needs) than doing something good because you 'think' it is the right thing to do. If you are doing the latter then you are not fully conscious in your understanding of why you are doing it and are operating from your ego. It is important to be of service to others but it is more important to be of service to yourself and when we have gone up the vibrational scale and realised that we are all connected we will begin to serve others, because we realise that by serving others we ARE serving ourselves.
Personal Power
Today I thought that I would contemplate 'personal power' and what that means to me. I feel that this is the essence of who we are, and we must never give this away to anyone or anything.
Ways in which we may give our personal power away include:-
On a physical level we may give away our power by trying to conform to society's expectation of what our physical form 'should' look like. This takes away our power by making us feel indadequate if we are unable to conform or by taking away individual identity by encouraging people to look the same as each other.
We should also not give our power to professionals who we think maybe know 'better' than we do, such as medical personel. Ultimately this is your body and any decision about your health should be made by yourself after making an informed choice regarding all options.
Only by listening to our body's true nature will we beging to understand what sort of diet we should be eating or how much exercise we should be taking in order to create balance and prevent disease.  Rather than following the latest trend, which may not be very good for us. We are all individuals and we all have different needs.
On a mental level we shouldn't give our power away to people in authority who 'know better than we do'. If something doesn't resonate with our true nature, it is more important  to be true to ourselves than to follow rules that have no meaning to us. This does NOT mean deliberately flouting authority, but merely using your discernment and knowledge of whats best for our highest good in order to decide whether a decision is of integrity.
Also on a mental level by integrating your mental agility with your creative essence to problem solve and manage challenges, rather than using your mind to constantly think about the problems that you have created and therefore recreating these 'problems' and thus giving your power to your ego or to someone else's ego. The ablility to do this only comes from the belief in our own power - rather than doing things the way that they have always been done or looking to someone else to solve our 'problems'.
On an emotional level this is a recognition that our emotions do not define us by developing the ability to feel the emotion and then let it go and by not making that emotion who we are, by recognising that we have the power to change a situation or how we feel about a situation in an instant.
Also it is recognising that we do not 'need' a certain person in our life to make us feel whole. There is nothing outside of us that can make us feel whole. This feeling must come from within. But of course it is wonderful to have someone in our life to reflect back to us the love that we feel within ourselves.
On a spiritual level this means getting in touch with who we really are and not giving our power away to Gurus or highly spiritual people who seem to hold 'all' the answers. It is important to remember that at this moment in time these seemingly 'all knowing' individuals are human beings the same as you are. Only you have the answers for you. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't listen to others but to again use your discernment and take the information that resonates with you at that time and not to do something or think something because that is what you think you should do or think. Other people are there as triggers for your own spiritual evolvement. Please do not give this away it belongs to no one but you.
The society that we live in now is reflecting back to us our own lack of personal power. This produces symptoms such as violent crime, apathy, inability to accept responsibility, blame, bullying etc. This is a dis-ease in itself and by reclaiming your own power we can begin to rebalance these issues and help to empower others.
I welcome any comments or thoughts on the above subject. I always value others opinions. Anything that I print here will be acknowledged.

Copyright Pam Rogerson Feb 2011
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