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About Pam
Hi my name is Pam Rogerson. I am an intuitive, clairvoyant, empath, multidimensional healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Shamballa healer and have studied and practice the Merkabah Meditation.
I have had past lives in many ancient civilisations including the Essenes and Ancient Egypt and in all of my past lives I have always been on the spiritual path and a healer. I am an old hat as it were! But this is not to blow my own trumpet but merely to illustrate how these are part of my makeup and so deeply ingrained in my being. How could I do anything else.
I have had many profound experiences in this lifetime and many fascinating and inspiring journeys. I am still living my own life with it's own challenges but I have a deep drive and passion to help others to awaken to who they really are and to their full potential, and also to assist our planet and humanity in its evolution into the next age. Sounds a bit of a tall order for one little person but we all have a part to play. I am not alone. And also one person can make a small but significant difference. Like pebbles in a pond sending ripples out.
Some people say that I am not from this earth, that I am a star being and the Arcturian race has been mentioned more than once but I keep an open mind on that one.
I have also been told that I am a gifted healer but of course I am not the healer, I am merely a channel for the energy that comes through to help heal, and I try to make sure that I am as clear a channel as possible.
More recently I have been working with cosmic energies that are new to our planet as their frequencies were too high until now. These are very exciting energies and more is going to be revealed to me as to how I will be using them in the future.
Above all else, I try to live my life with integrity and in joy. I am just a person after all and living a human existence at this time, and it is important to be grounded.
The future is very exciting for humanity at the moment. What will you choose for your future.

Copyright Pam Rogerson Feb 2011
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