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'May you be blessed with Angel Love, Peace and Harmony'

Welcome to my site and thank you for giving your attention and energy to it.
I am hoping that this website will resonate with your intuitive knowing at some level as well as informing about my therapies and services. All you need to do is follow your heart and allow your discernment to guide your intuition.

This site is to assist the people who read this to navigate their way through their own experiences and understanding of spirituality by sharing and explaining my own understanding of all things seen and unseen. My aim is to show how everything is intrinsically linked and that we are all pebbles who send ripples out to the greater ocean so that everything that we do affects the greater whole. I also want to show how our spirituality is who we are and not something seperate that we do in our spare time and that our spirit is affected by what we eat, what thoughts we have, our early childhood programming and everything in our external environment and internal environment as everything is energy. I also want to show how we can begin to live our true authentic selves by living our spirituality and encorporating it into our everyday lives.

So in essence I want to help people to wake up and discover their innate gifts and power. Ido not want to tell people what to do but rather to provide information and ideas which will stimulate you to think how this might be relevant in your own life, or even how it might not be relevant as we are all individual aspects of the greater whole co creating our own experiences.

This website represents my eclectic view of all spirituality, creation and consciousness by presenting my own thoughts and knowings in a practical and down to earth manner. I do not ask you to agree with all of it, but merely pick out the bits that resonate with you at this time. You may come back at a later time and pick out something else that hadn't resonated with you previously as we are all constantly changing, shifting and evolving. And if none of it resonates with you then that is absolutely fine and thank you for your time.

New Course Starting February 1st 2014

Registration for my new online course Shiniest Brightest Self is now open. Please see my Courses and Workshops page for details

Coming soon. Skype coaching sessions. Optimize your life on all levels. Individual skype sessions taylored to your needs and will include advice and coaching on things like the law of attraction and how to practice it in your life, dietary advice as this affects our mood and our hormones, spiritual advice and much more. Sessions are £60 for an hour. Please contact me if you are interested.


Meditation for peace and healing every Monday at 9.00pm
I have been inspired and guided to create this Healing Meditation for Peace and in these challenging times the need is becoming more and more urgent for everyone to take responsibility for their own lives and consciously co create the lives that they really want rather than get caught up in the  drama of a reality that they don't want. I have dedicated a page to providing tools and meditations that you can use in order to assist with co creating humanity's future. Please join in our collective meditation on a Monday evening as there is always more power in numbers. Every month there will be a different theme. Please see Meditation for peace page. The meditation is based upon ancient techniques and wisdom and is very powerful.
I hope that you enjoy this site as it is intended to be so much more than informing about my workshops. Its intention is to stir a curiosity and inner knowing inside each person who reads these pages on some level, although it is not necessary to agree with what I say I just ask that you read with an open mind and an open heart.
Please step inside my website and have a look around. I would like it to be an interactive experience. I have dedicated a page (Angelic Insights) to sharing experiences, wisdom and insights that I have gained along the way and I welcome any contributions that you may wish to share with other like minded people. These may include recommended reading, courses or personal experiences. I will post any contributions sent to me.

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